Is Aesthetic Surgery Suitable for You?

Is Aesthetic Surgery Suitable for You?

In our day aesthetic surgery reaches every part of the society. Media loves it. It is the center of attention for reality shows, news channels, paparazzi articles. Art world loves it. Many famous actors apply to it. Marketing industry supports it. Local radio stations continuously talk about benefits of surgical procedures. Esthetical surgery is almost everywhere. But, how much of the society know really about esthetic surgery despite all the information?

Everyone can have a different reason for having an esthetic surgery. Some wants to look young, some wants to change their genetic look or aged, bagged, damaged skin structure, and some just wants to get rid of extra weight from pregnancy and giving birth. But everyone actually aims for the same; feeling and looking better. Esthetic surgery helps the one who are unhappy with their looks, and unhappy because of it and to ones who wants to end these issues.

It is not easy to decide. The actual struggle lies in balance between benefits and damages. Aesthetic surgerytakes you away from your job for a short while, it is costly, it has risks just like any other surgery, and it can be resulted with disappointment. Even all these look discouraging; millions of people give this decision in our country and world, and enjoy the benefits of it.

Look at the mirror

Your image of your physical appearance affects your relations with other. The first step of having a successful esthetic surgery is deciding what really bothers you. You should decide on this before talking with your partner, friends, family, and doctor. It is wrong to have esthetic operation just to make another person happy, as much as letting people to discourage you from your decision.

Have realistic expectations

The one of the biggest reasons for disappointment in esthetic surgery is that not having realistic expectations. People emotionally deny the fact that there is a limit for their demands, even though deep inside they know that it is the truth. This denial may make people to have unrealistic expectations and disappointments. It should be remembered that aesthetic surgery changes people’s appearances not their lives.

Accept the realities of esthetic surgery

People, who are seriously considering having esthetic surgery, should accept some facts. The applied processes have a cost, and there is a healing process, and just like every other surgery there are risks.

Even these are all small risks, they should be acknowledged.

Solve your internal conflicts

The biggest reason of your internal conflicts is the feeling of guilt. Many people, especially women, focus on their family along their lives and neglect their own needs. This feeling of caring about other more than themselves becomes more standardized by time. Asking for help and patience of the family for costs of esthetic surgery and during healing process can cause a feeling of guilt. This can happen even in the situation of support of family. If there is a guilty feeling about aesthetic surgery, it should be realized and solved before the surgery.

Another reason of internal conflict is well-meant approach of families and partners. Partners think they are being supportive by saying “You are beautiful like this” or “You need nothing”. But, they do not realize that they are increasing their partners’ internal conflicts and giving a message of “esthetic surgery is totally unnecessary”. The supportive message should be like “This is your decision and I support your all decisions”.

As a result, if you are sure that you want the esthetic surgery for yourself not for another one; if you know what you really want and have realistic expectations; I you are aware of financial and emotional aspects of aesthetic surgery; if you have solved your internal conflicts and your plastic surgeon understands you and thinks your expectations are realistic, then there is nothing to stop you to think about having plastic surgery and benefits its features.

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