Hair Transplantation and Newage Clinic

Hair Transplant and NewAge Clinic

In NewAge Clinic we offer the latest medical developments and highest quality service. We are always committed to ensuring that our patients feel they are in safe hands.

In NewAge Clinic, hair transplantation is performed not under the supervision or control of a physician –as required by law- but by a Plastic Surgeon himself/ herself.

A successful hair transplantation operation requires the efficient use of the hair follicles on the donor site which is a limited region. As the donor site does not contain an infinite number of follicles to be used after extraction, and as no new follicles develop to replace the destroyed follicles, the extraction of hair follicles by an experienced Plastic Surgeon who is specialized in the area is an indispensable condition for a successful hair transplantation operation.

The Plastic Surgery Specialists of NewAge Clinic; Op. Dr. İlker has been performing hair transplantation operations using FUE method since 2004, he has been sharing his experiences in this area at international congresses and symposiums, and giving FUE hair transplantation trainings to their colleagues in cooperation with International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

Modern hair treatments, particularly FUE hair transplantation, are being performed with great care and caution in NewAge Clinic.