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Hair Transplant – What is the Maximum Amount of Hair Follicles Can be Gathered by Single Surgery?

Hair Transplant – What is the Maximum Amount of Hair Follicles Can be Gathered by Single Surgery?

Even I want to have hair transplant operation; I am also so scared of it. Would it be better to have general anesthesia and remember nothing?

FUE hair transplant operation will be performed under local anesthesia free of pain. General anesthesia would be unnecessary for this operation. On the other hand, you can be in the light sleep mode by the application of sedation. This way, you will be able to sleep through some parts of the operation.

What is the maximum amount hair follicles can be gathered in FUE Hair Transplant operation?

First of all, it should be remembered that this not a race but a surgery. There are many factors to be considered for hair transplant.

For example, having singular – dual – triple hairs in every follicle will affect hair frequency. 5000 hair follicles with singular hair will provide the same frequency in hair transplant operation with 2500 hair follicles with average hair count.

Asking hair count along with amount of to be transplanted follicle count will give you an idea about frequency. Therefore, you will have a chance to compare hair transplantation centers.

I want to have FUE hair transplant operation in two days. Is it possible?

It is technically possible; it can be decided after consulting with your doctor.

I have grey and strong hair. I especially want to have hair transplant on top areas. I heard that grey hair is hard for hair transplant process.

It is hard to see grey hair under microscope and loop used in FUE hair transplantation. For this reason, your hair is dyed with temporary dye right before the operation. Therefore, your hair transplant would be convenient. Used dye will disappear in a few days.

Is it possible to only have haircut on donor site and work on recipient area without the haircut for FUE hair transplant operation?

It is possible in regards of amount of to be transplanted follicle amount. But if the number rises, it would be necessary to shave the recipient area.

How many FUE hair transplants should I have for the best result?

There is a situation differs for each person. Level of hair loss, age, donor site, and many more criteria are affecting this subject. Regarding to ISHRS 2011 data, the average operation number is 2.1.

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  1. I went to a clinic in London and they made an evaluation and told me that I need arround 3000 grafts with FUE method and they advised that the surgery could split over 2 days. Is this normal ?

  2. The surgery duration depends on the experience of the surgeon and his /her team. 3000 grafts is a normal amount and could be transplanted in 5-6 hours. We are doing up to 5000 grafts with combined surgery of FUE&FUT in between 7-9 hours.

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