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What is FUE Hair Transplant Method?

What is FUE Hair Transplant Method?

Hair transplant is the most preferred esthetic method of our age. Medicine is creating alternatives in our day and people are researching for their choices. The biggest difference between FUE method and others is that it does not require stitches. It came one step forward since the people who had hair transplantation do not need their stitches to be removed.

In first times of FUE method, there was not a possibility for collecting these many grafts; lastly, it is possible for hair transplantation expert plastic surgeon to collect 2500-3000 grafts in just 2 hours. Also no linear scar occurrence in this process is another advantage.

FUE method is the most preferred hair transplantation method in our day due to motorized FUE and other reasons. It is important to have no scars in donor site for any revision processes afterwards. FUE method is open to any improvements, and it always accomplished innovations since the day it was developed.

Patients do not feel any pain after hair transplantation by FUE method. The doctor will call the patient in for hair wash at the end of the first day of operation. The purpose here is to protect donor site by using special shampoos and massages; and it is also important because of the sensitivity of donor site, therefore the doctor will perform hair wash by himself/herself. If the patient cannot come in, he/she can apply the method easily by following the directions.

Driving back to home after hair transplantation by FUE method is not appropriate because of the applied anesthesia. Patients can return their home with the help of another driver, and all they have to do is waiting for their new hair to grow while using the prescribed drugs, lotions, and sprays. Patients will have two haircuts in six months after hair transplantation.

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