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What Are The Aging Effects on Skin?

What Are The Aging Effects on Skin?

Babies have smooth, soft, unwrinkled, spotless, velvet like, and single tone skins. It would be amazing to have this perfect skin for a lifetime! But as we age and in our skin, especially our face starts to change due the factors of: sunlight, air pollution, cigarette, unbalanced diet, stressful life and etc. Collagen structure, which provides elasticity and tension for skin, is disappeared; the skin thins, dries, wrinkles, and gets spots and visible vessels on it. All these unwanted features determine our appearance. Our skin ages with us. By the time passes, gravity has it effects. Face loses its oval structure; and the skin starts to have hangings and deep lines. Under eye bags occur. Eyebrows drop.

When our aging starts to be visible, we start to receive comments like, “you look tired or what are you angry about.”  Especially lines on upper half of face, between eyebrows, forehead look esthetically unattractive; they also cause nervous, uncomfortable, fear, tired, pain, unhappy facial impressions.

Role of Plastic Surgery

As a result of all these factors, people start to think that they are not looking young and energetic as they feel like. These thoughts affect social, business and family life negatively. At this point, plastic surgery can help to people end their unhappiness about the situation and their outer appearance.

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