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The Most Important Reason for Hair Loss Is Familial

The Most Important Reason for Hair Loss Is Familial

Hair loss is one of the most important problems for both women and men along the history. Yes, women face hair loss issues as well, and they get affected harshly even it is usually temporary. Hair is the most important accessory of a woman and a woman feels beautiful when her hair is beautiful. That’s why it is so hard for a woman to overcome hair loss r weakened hair. Not as hard, but it is relatively hard for men to accept hair loss problem as well. Because of the importance of hair, advancements in technology have presented a great gift for people.

The first thing should be done for hair loss is visiting a doctor as soon as observing above average hair loss or weakened hair. Doctor will proceed with necessary examination and will determine suitable treatment method. We will talk about familial or genetic structure, most common cause for hair loss. Familial type hair loss continues as a family legacy for generations. Unfortunately, none of the treatment methods can solve genetically structured hair loss. Usually hair loss starts around ages 20-30 and rapidly continues. Most efficient solution is hair transplantation. Hair structure is really interesting. Hair on nape is designed to be resistant against loss. And hair transplantation techniques are developed on this fact. Hair gathered from nape is applied on bald areas. Around 6 months later, there is natural and healthy hair growing which cannot be realized as it is hair transplantation; and since this hair was gathered from nape, hair loss is no longer being an issue.

There are various methods for hair transplantation. You may decide on the best method by consulting your specialist and you sure can get rid of the mental problems that hair loss caused for.

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