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Refresh Your Skin (PRP)

Refresh Your Skin (PRP)

I am sure many of you have heard these classics before:

‘You look tired today’

‘Are you feeling well?’

‘Was it a bad day at office?’

We actually do not even have these issues. The answer to these questions is the dull and joyless look of your skin.

You visit many plastic surgeons and dermatologists for these reasons. You gathered advices and apply them; sometimes you succeed and sometimes you are all alone with your demolished dreams. Beauty and care sector, with many new products every other year, is cheering for a method called PRP which is an injection made out of your own blood.

PRP can be applied along with many treatment methods; it is also contributing for scar healing process, hair loss treatments, and facial beauty and many more.

What is the reason of dull look on our skin?

Insufficient sleep, drinking insufficient amount of water, being exposed to too much sunlight are some of the main reasons. Of course, the main reason is aging. Just like all the other organs, our skin ages too.

When we are under 15, our skin refreshes for every 14 days; when we are 25 and over, our skin refreshes for every 28 days. This change causes dull look on skin in absence of supportive treatments.


PRP injections can be applied for dull skins. PRP injections provide a light for your skin along with helping color balance and decrease on sharpness of wrinkles on skin. This application might be needed by anyone over age of 30; and if it is applied on hairy scalp, it helps hair to grow stronger and thicker.

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