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Questions from You About Hair Transplantation 32

Questions from You About Hair Transplantation 32

This is my fourth day after hair transplantation. Back of my head is still sensitive and it disturbs me a lot while I am sleeping. I am afraid of damaging transplanted area, therefore I cannot sleep well at all.

This is a really common situation for who had hair transplantation, and it will disappear in a few days. You may talk with your doctor and consult with him about sleep-aid medicines.

I will be away from civil life since I am joining army for 6 months. What I should be careful about in this time?

Joining army after having hair transplantation is not advised; but we assume you made your mind, and here are the things you should follow and may face with:

a-Hygiene conditions might be off standards

b-Necessity of wearing a garrison cap

c-Possibility of being exposed to sunlight for long time periods.

d-Physical trainings that requires high effort.

e-Limited chance of taking medicines.

f-Malnutrition and weight loss.

g-Increase on daily stress levels.

Possible problems mentioned above should be considered after having hair transplantation, and it is suggested you to join army at least ten days after having hair transplantation.

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