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Nose Job Prices

Nose Job Prices

If you care for both your health and beauty, you may want to step in the world of esthetics. Beauty is a subjective term. But in some cases, the ugly or abnormal is a fact. Esthetics is a technology developed for solving these exact issues. Everyone has a certain lifestyle. And among that, they have desires. It is your very right to desire being both beautiful and well-groomed. But you just cannot ignore your financial situation while having these desires. Therefore, you might need to have a good research. Esthetical operations have certain prices and it cannot be out of these amounts. But, convenient payment options can be offered. Quality of service and quality of treatment are related to each other.

While your doctor is applying suitable treatment, you should also be cooperative and follow his/her directions. Deciding for esthetics operation is the first step. Second step is researching prices. You should make the right decision by choosing the best doctor for you after a detailed research. Because this is a process, that needs to be managed by both of you and your doctor. For example you have an issue with your nose. Your doctor tells you the procedure for your nose job. Because, you will have the operation. Then price is discussed. Nose job prices are not extremely high, and there are convenient payment options being offered. When you actually check the nose job prices, they are exactly fair for what you are getting.

The amount spent for beauty does not really matter. It matters to receive from your doctor, what you paid for. Nose job prices should not concern a specialist. People would want appreciate the final result when they had a nose job. If you work with a trusted and talented doctor, you can have a great looking nose.

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  1. I have a straight small nose and tip from the front,but from the side there is a slight bump.What is the option to change the size of my small nose as I hate it ?

  2. Changes can be achieved with a rhinoplasty surgery. Therefore you should consult with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

  3. I had a bad experience with my first Nose job,so I want to have a revision surgery.Do I need to wait for a year before performing a second surgery ?

  4. It is not always justified to postpone a revision surgery for a year.The decission should be done carefully between plastic surgeon and patient. Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.

  5. Your surgeon will go over the realistic expectations of your procedure and will determine what needs to be done in order to meet your expectations. What you can do to prepare for your rhinoplasty is :

    -don’t take any medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

    – If you smoke, it is recommended that you stop smoking a month before your surgery and don’t start again until a month afterwards as smoking slows down the healing process and will extend the time it takes you to recover.

  6. Can you please advise how long do I have to stay in Istanbul after a Rhinoplasty Surgery and how the follow up will be ?

  7. Thanks for your question.
    You should arrive one day before the surgery.The next day you will have first your consultation with your surgeon and than we will bring you to the hospital were you will have your surgery .You will stay there for 1 night.
    The next day the surgeon will come and see you for a post op control.Than we will bring you to your hotel. The next days you will come 2 times again for a post op control. In general we advise our patients to stay for 6-7 days here after the surgery.

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