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Myths and Truths about Hair Loss

Myths and Truths about Hair Loss

MYTH: Wearing a hat causes hair loss.

TRUTH: It sounds logical to think that wearing a hat can decrease blood circulation and decrease circulation in scalp; but the real reason of hair loss is hormones.

MYTH: Vitamin deficiency causes hair loss.

TRUTH: Since vitamin deficiency is always brought to attention by vitamin supplement companies, you should be cautious. Surely, vitamin deficiency in long term starving or disorders and likewise extreme situations can cause hair loss. But most of the people experience hair loss without these problems. Most of the people with hair loss have no vitamin deficiency.

MYTH: Washing hair too much causes hair loss.

TRUTH: It would be wrong to correlate left hair in bathtub after shower and hair loss. The lost hair in shower has already completed its life cycle.

MYTH: Haircut or shaving hair strength hair.

TRUTH: It is really hard to understand how this myth is so common and the idea behind it. In reality, there are no scientific proves on benefits of shaving hair or haircut for hair.

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