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Micro Fue Hair Transplantation

Micro Fue Hair Transplantation

I am always in interaction with people through my job. I live in Italy. After a yearlong research, I decided that Istanbul has the best hair transplantation centers available. After the interviews I had here, I decided that fue hair transplantation would be the best option for me between all the unscarred hair transplantation options. On the other hand, I cannot have a short haircut to have hair transplantation. I spent 2-3 days in Istanbul in a month, and I only can give 1 day for hair transplantation. In the light of gathered information, I want to learn about; rather it is possible or not to have 300-500 follicles transplantation every time I come to Istanbul. Could hair transplantation be made by checking the pictures I sent? If it is possible, I would like to have hair transplantation along a year by cutting some parts of my hair each time.

It is possible to have hair transplantation according to pictures sent, and it can be certain after the physical examination. Probably, it is possible for you to have desired follicle amount by 5 micro fue sessions in a year without a need of full haircut. Please keep in mind, as a result of this, you will get your hair transplantation results step-by-step.

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