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Mega-session Hair Transplantation

Mega-session Hair Transplantation

Possibility to increase hair follicle amount in FUE hair transplantation created the term of mega-session. High amount of hair follicle transplantation method, or as it called mega-session hair transplantation, is highly desired. Even it seems like it is demanded to have high ratio coverage in short term by using mega-session hair transplantation, its financial benefits cannot be disregarded. Mega-session hair transplantation is consisted of 4000 and over grafts transplantation by FUE hair transplantation or Fut and FUE hair transplantation combination.

Advantages of mega-session hair transplantation:

Covering effect on over 130 cm2 in 8 to 12 months

50% to 75% cheaper than combining two sessions of hair transplantation surgeries

Elimination of the stress and healing process of second hair transplantation

Possibility of minimum successful result even in case of insufficient hair growth

There are also some disadvantages of mega-session hair transplantation

Chance of hair follicle damage due to long lasting hair transplantation operation

Tiring and uncomfortable feeling due to long period of hair transplantation operation

Chance of damage on donor site

Longer healing period following hair transplantation

Possible side effects of long term local anesthesia

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