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I Have Hair Loss Following Military Service

I Have Hair Loss Following Military Service

I served for military in August 2012 as a short term. Starting from August, my hair got thinner and even I faced hair loss in just 5 and half months. I could not have any chance of treatment during military service. I am 26 years old, and I am using drugs and sprays for hair loss. Even there is not much progress, at least hair loss and thinning hair seems stopped. Additionally, I decided to have PRP hair loss treatment. How long am I supposed to continue hair loss treatments, and when can I have my hair back?

It is possible for you to have thinned hair and even hair loss due the changes in eating habits, weight loss, sudden changes in stress levels and lifestyle during military service. Considering it had been only 2.5-3 months since you returned from military, you need a little more time to see results. It is beneficial for you to follow development of your hair in upcoming a few months.

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