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Hair Transplant and Soccer

Hair Transplant and Soccer

Without a doubt, ‘soccer’ is a rare sport which takes attention of the world both economically and politically.

Soccer players, gladiators of this sport, receive a big chunk of this attention.

Soccer players are the center of media attention with their success along with their failures every day, and even some players are the brand name for the nowadays economy.

Along with all these, some players received attention of both media and people through their pioneer personalities, and they were acknowledged by their courage.

In recent years, FUE hair transplant procedure became more common amongst soccer players especially after Manchester United FC’s famous player Wayne Rooney had the procedure in London in 2011; and again Wayne Rooney’s statement about having hair transplantation and there is no shame on that was also became the center of sports media attention.

In Turkish soccer, a few players were under spotlights for having this operation. Gökhan Ünal and Serkan Balcı who admitted that he has taken Wayne Rooney as an example and had FUE hair transplant, were the most well-known players.

Considering heavy training schedules and necessity to head balls, it would be beneficial for players to wait for the end of soccer season to have this operation. It would be possible for them to return to pitches after 10 days, and they will be waiting for the change which will occur in 32 weeks.

It can be predicted that many more soccer players will prefer FUE hair transplant in upcoming times due FUE hair transplant operation’s comfort and healing times.

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