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FAQs about Hair Transplant

FAQs about Hair Transplant

Most of the scabs in donor site are gone following 8th day of my fue hair transplant operation. Right now there is that disturbing itchy feeling. When I apply moisturizer, it feels relived and it has a comforting affect. Does this have a negative effect on my healing process?

It is normal to have a feeling of itching on donor site during healing period following fue hair transplant. You may use a suitable moisturizer. If the itching continues, please discuss it with your doctor.

I live in Antalya, and during summer time, more preferably in July after judiciary recess, I am thinking of having hair transplantation. I read a few articles about avoid sunlight after hair transplant. Is it really necessary? What should be careful about being under the sunlight?

Recipient area should be avoided from direct sunlight for 3 months following hair transplantation. You may use broad spectrum sunscreen in necessity.

Four months passed upon my hair transplant operation. If I dye my hair, would this have any negative affect on results?

You should discuss it with your doctor in hair transplant center. On the other hand, we suggest our patients not to dye their hair for six months following hair transplantation operation.

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