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Expectation for a Natural Appearance in Hair Transplant

Expectation for a Natural Appearance in Hair Transplant

The biggest expectation of the ones who had esthetic operation is to have natural appearance. The hair transplant patients expect to have minimal scar and unnoticeable results.

Hair transplantation operations, performed by unqualified people, can cause unnatural and unsatisfying results.

Person’s research process for hair transplant and hair loss treatments can be too confusing due to information pollution on the internet.

Undoubtedly, the most certain way to remove the problem would be interviewing with your doctor in person.

Only then, you can have a decision, which you can be comfortable with, for your hair transplantation in the light of the information that your doctor provided.

This decision based on facts can provide lifetime happiness or unhappiness for you.

Some of the things you should talk about with your doctor during consultation listed as:

  • Is the hair follicle count and quality in donor site sufficient for this operation?
  • Is your extracted hair from donor site will be collected by the doctor?
  • Planning of the recipient area
  • Planned graft count per cm2
  • Informing on pain management and anesthesia
  • Comparing supportive treatments and advices
  • Getting natural looking results
  • Your doctor’s opinions on any taken drugs or health issues
  • Length of hair transplant operation
  • Interviewing on your doctor’s field and specialization in this field if necessary
  • Before after pictures of your doctor’s previously performed hair transplant operations
  • Informing on hair transplantation prices

It should be remembered that your decision after all this research will start a hard to recover change process.

Our specialized doctors Dr. İlker Apaydın and Dr. Özge Ergün are reflecting their years of experience to their operations for the men and women who are looking for a solution for hair loss and hair transplantation.

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