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Diet Options for Reducing DHT and Hair Loss

Diet Options for Reducing DHT and Hair Loss

In developed western economies, there are many scientific studies on reducing DHT level and hair loss by changing eating habits. Change in eating habits, mentioned below, will have positive effects on hair loss:

Zinc – always use zinc based food in your diet as it is natural DHT preventer. Many hair loss sufferers take it as a vitamin pill as well as eating seafood.

Soy –soy bean, soy milk, tofu, miso and soy cheese are essential for eastern diets, and they are also essential for supporting treatments of DHT hormone and hair loss.

Biotin – Vitamin Biotin is effective on reducing DHT levels in body. It can be taken through egg yolk, liver, cheese, raspberries.

There are many foods can be added to list as well, but it would best for you to consult with your doctor and have treatment plan for hair loss. Your diet will be great supporter for your treatments.