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Does Beauty Really Worth A Fortune?

Does Beauty Really Worth A Fortune?

People learn the importance of the beauty since from their babyhood and childhood. Studies show that 6 month old babies smile more and spend more times by looking at attractive people. Another study on children indicates that children found attractive people more trustable and playful than the others with no attraction.

It is accepted that physical appearance is a significant fact for raising a child. Premature unit nurses think that attractive babies are more intelligent than unattractive babies. Again, researches show that beautiful children are appreciated and loved more. This situation proves itself on children stories. Witches are always bad, old and ugly while princesses and princess are good, young and beautiful. People usually think that good looking people have better lives.

It is not different for today’s adults. Physical appearance is more important in social life by the increase on the population in metropolis. Because of these factors; people encounter, communicate or meet with more and more people in their daily life. It is assumed that an adult person will have average seven jobs in a lifetime. Divorce rates increased 700% compared to beginning of the century.

All in all, people just judge each other by their appearances and not heir characteristics or personalities, because of the increase on social fragmentation.

Economical researches suggest that beautiful people earn 10%-20% more money. Girls start to worry about weight loss in their teens and this is caused by the modern society’s thought of esthetic on women that they should be slim. People with obesity earn less money than the slim people; even they do not have any health issues caused by obesity. And the reason for it is not discrimination; beautiful people just have better self-confidence, therefore they are more successful in life.

All these social and psychological facts make people to chase beauty and youth increasingly; they go to the plastic surgeons, dentists, dietitians and estheticians with this motivation.

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