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Correction of Unsuccessful Hair Transplantation Surgeries – 2

Correction of Unsuccessful Hair Transplantation Surgeries – 2

Irregularity of hair frequency on recipient area compared to other areas

Hair frequency on areas other than hair transplantation area should be considered in hair transplantation plans. Sometimes, hair transplantation area might have an unnatural appearance due insufficient hair growth or overlooking to aforementioned situation. Easiest solution would be having a short hair cut or having frequency increasing hair transplantation.

Scars on recipient area;

Wider opened canals and non-growing hair follicles might cause noticeable scars, and it can be corrected by second hair transplantation operation.

Hair growing very regularly and as in lines

Vertical or horizontal hair transplantation operation in recipient area cannot be expected to appear as natural. Grew hair would create a square and rectangular appearance on recipient area. In order to prevent this view, more frequent transplantation or removing some follicles can be made.

If there are not any issues on direction of transplanted hair, having a longer hair might solve the problem.

Permanent loss of transplanted hair

Hair collected out of safe donor site will be loss by time.

Some hair would keep growing since it was collected from safe donor site. This could cause insufficient and unnatural appearance in some areas. Frequency increasing hair transplantation would be the only solution.

Visible scars and inhomogeneous appearance on donor site

As encountered more frequently in FUT hair transplantation operations, this can also be encountered in FUE hair transplantation operation which are operated by thick punch as well as inhomogeneous use of donor site. This can be solved by having longer hair on donor site, as well as applying hair transplantation or SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation) on scarred tissues.

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