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Correction of Unsuccessful Hair Transplantation Surgeries – 1

Correction of Unsuccessful Hair Transplantation Surgeries – 1

Overly large grafts and ‘pluggy’appearance

Hair transplantation with large spaces or placing more than one follicle in one opened canal would create an undesired and unnatural result. In this case, some of the existed follicles would be removed or additional follicle would be transplanted in between other follicles for creating less noticeability. It is possible to have hair transplantation by combining both methods.

Having a low frontal hairline

Planning the frontal hairline was always vital for hair transplantation operations. Therefore, a badly planned frontal hairline would harm natural appearance of hair transplantation. Having a too low frontal hairline as a result of hair transplantation could be fixed by removing hair follicles or laser treatment. Sometimes laser epilation can be applied in case of having little amount of hair follicles transplantation.

Having a high frontal hairline

If the donor site is available, it is the easiest problem to solve among other unsuccessful hair transplantations. It is possible to relocate frontal hairline by second hair transplantation.

Having a very straight and unnatural frontal hairline

Our frontal hairline would never be straight. There are always little indentations and dentations in a natural frontal line. Therefore, it is essential to follow these rules in order to have natural looking hair transplantation. Otherwise, frontal hairline should be moved down for one line (0.25 cm) and aforementioned indentions should be created.

Different hair directions and angles

Hair should be in whole for its direction and angles. Otherwise, best solution would be transplanting more hair or removing incompatible hair follicles.

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