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Can Botulinum T. Application Prevent Stress?

Can Botulinum T. Application Prevent Stress?

Latest studies in United States of America indicate that more than one out of four people applied Botulinum T. have decrease on their stress levels. The large number of people mentioning that Botulinum T. application between eyebrows caused better mental health, and this caused a scientific questioning of the situation; finally it was understood that the toxin prevents the stress signals to reach our brain.

Again, according to study results, our brain records all the facial mimics. It is just like an emotional thermometer. When we laugh, our brain reduces stress hormone; when we frown, our brain increases the stress hormone.

Even it a cosmetic application, Botulinum T. has many medical applications. Muscle spasms, stroke patients, migraine, Parkinson Disease are just a few of them.

The most important issue on having Botulinum T. application on our forehead is that our doctor’s license and experience on the field. It is essential to use a licensed product for the success of application.

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