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Contrary to popular belief, hair loss for both women and men is medically called as “Androgenic Alopecia”.

Baldness in men is named male pattern baldness. Hair loss occurs in a slow, step-by-step manner. Firstly, the hair line declines by time. Hair loss occurs usually in frontal line first. Hair loss in women can progress in any area of the head by simultaneously. There are many triggers for hair loss. The most common triggers for hair loss are: menopause, problems in thyroid hormones, pregnancy, psychological issues and hormonal instability. Also high fever and vitamin deficiency might cause hair loss. Scalp issues caused by often hair dying might also trigger hair loss. Hair transplantation can provide positive results, as it prevents hair loss and replace loss hair, if it is preceded by experts. Hair transplantation is applied by many methods. Every other day a new hair transplantation method is developed through advancements in technology. Operations are classified according to hair loss area, and best hair transplantation method is applied.

The most important ones of these operations are: fue hair transplantation, fue corrective transplantation, hair transplantation to top, hair transplantation under prosthesis, frontal frequency transplantation, fut hair transplantation, 3 sessions of fut over fue, transplantation for thinner areas, fue hair transplantation for temporal side, hair transplantation for burn scars, hair transplantation from body hair, hair transplantation from beard, and synthetic hair transplantation.

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