Which criteria determine the success of the hair transplantation operation?

The most significant criterion for a successful hair transplantation operation is choosing an experienced physician who is capable of performing the operation.

As the donor site has a limited number of hair follicles, it is important not to harm the follicles during extraction. The hair follicles get no harm when carefully and cautiously extracted under microscope, by a plastic surgeon with microsurgery training.

In order to achieve successful results, it is not enough to extract the hair follicles without harming them only; storing the extracted follicles in convenient conditions, making a personalized plan regarding the insertion pattern of the follicles, organizing the canal density and orientation, inserting the hair follicles without harming them, having the hair transplantation operation performed by a plastic surgeon experienced in the field, and use of advanced technology are among the criteria required for a successful hair transplantation which gives a natural appearance.